First Blogging Adventures

I’ve decided to start a blog. Again. This time I promise to write more than two entries though 🙂 Last time I started before I had discovered the amazingness that is food blogs and found it hard to find time to find the time to ramble on about my life in Paris (although I assure you it was blog-worthy).

Now it’s different. I’ve discovered a love of cooking and baking and figured this would be the perfect way to combine that with my love of writing and Deutschland. Unfortunately, I only have a two-burner stove and a toaster oven, but I make do. My very lucky poor fellow students can attest to that 😉 Of course, I’m not in Germany to bake in a toaster oven and cook on a two-burner stove, so I’ll also use this blog as a way to update everyone (well anyone who feels like being updated) on other things (like school!). This post might be a bit long because it’s my first, not sure what the future will bring. I’ll do my best to update though. I already have a recipe I want to try out for a friend’s birthday (well 2 actually), so keep an eye out for that.