International Thanksgiving- Take 2!

Hi everyone!

I’m flying to the US in about 34 hours, so while I prepare myself for some reverse culture shock and people who can’t understand my Denglish, I thought I’d also throw in a post about my Thanksgiving 🙂

A lot has changed in the past year or so since my last international Thanksgiving. The most obvious being that I moved and was able to prep everything in my own kitchen- a huge improvement from my toaster oven days!

Last year, 5 other people joined me, but this year, there were 17 of us total (a bunch from ICEUS and some AFSers)! And no, my apartment isn’t really that big… Some day I hope to be able to actually sit that many people at a table, but since we’re still students, we just sat in a circle, we’re classy like that 😉

This year I was a bit better about taking pictures (and making others take them- thanks Lili and Sandy!), so here’s a glimpse into our evening (oh and apparently AFSers are good at hiding from the camera):

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Staying Healthy and Running

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a fantastic Valentine’s Day yesterday.  Today I thought I’d write about my half marathon goals and staying healthy while busy.

Ideally, I plan to run the Fulda Half Marathon on September 4th. The only thing currently preventing me from actually registering is the fact that I’m required to do an internship this summer/fall, and I’m not sure where it is going to be yet. As soon as I get a placement anywhere in Germany, I will register. If I don’t run this one, though, I will find another 🙂

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A Few Changes

Hi Everyone,

notice a few changes?

Shall we start with the most obvious? I moved my blog from blogger to wordpress for a number of reasons I won’t bore you with 😉 But anyway, from now on, Not Your Average Toaster is Hungry Ami and can be found here at I found my old name a little too long and also (hopefully!) temporary. Although only baking from a toaster oven has been quite adventurous, I’m really hoping it’s not a permanent way of life for me, but I will always be a hungry ami 🙂

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