Given how many times I’ve packed my life into boxes or suitcases, you might think that it gets easier every time. It doesn’t. So in August, when I spontaneously decided to pack up my belongings once again, and move a few thousand miles away, to a place I had never heard of, where I knew no one, and couldn’t find an apartment, I was very glad to have a few days to spend here with these amazing people.

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A Tribute to Friends

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great day- the sun is shining here, I’ve got the day off, and I’m about to go for a jog with a friend, so I’ve got nothing to complain about 🙂

I wrote this post last week but decided to save it for today because I see Valentine’s Day as a tribute to of all those we love, parents, siblings, significant others, and of course, friends. So here goes.

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