(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: GWV-Challenge Lauf Recap

6169 runners

10 live bands

no official times measured

6,2km through Fulda with friends πŸ™‚

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Given how many times I’ve packed my life into boxes or suitcases, you might think that it gets easier every time. It doesn’t. So in August, when I spontaneously decided to pack up my belongings once again, and move a few thousand miles away, to a place I had never heard of, where I knew no one, and couldn’t find an apartment, I was very glad to have a few days to spend here with these amazing people.

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Yumm Bowl

Hi Everyone,

April was a crazy month. We had something planned for us every weekend for school- throw in a 10k, half marathon training (which is going great by the way!) and a social life, I was left with little time to cook or bake. Everything I did manage to squeeze in seemed to be slightly off and to top it off, I managed to break my food processor while trying to make some peanut butter. But May is here, and I also got a brand new food processor (for free might I add!).

Pretty, non? It even has 2 sets of blades πŸ™‚

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