International Thanksgiving- Take 2!

Hi everyone!

I’m flying to the US in about 34 hours, so while I prepare myself for some reverse culture shock and people who can’t understand my Denglish, I thought I’d also throw in a post about my Thanksgiving 🙂

A lot has changed in the past year or so since my last international Thanksgiving. The most obvious being that I moved and was able to prep everything in my own kitchen- a huge improvement from my toaster oven days!

Last year, 5 other people joined me, but this year, there were 17 of us total (a bunch from ICEUS and some AFSers)! And no, my apartment isn’t really that big… Some day I hope to be able to actually sit that many people at a table, but since we’re still students, we just sat in a circle, we’re classy like that 😉

This year I was a bit better about taking pictures (and making others take them- thanks Lili and Sandy!), so here’s a glimpse into our evening (oh and apparently AFSers are good at hiding from the camera):

I personalized the recipes a bit, but I’m just going to link to where I got my ideas (Check out last year’s post for the rest!):

Pumpkin Empanadas

Cranberry and Pear Sauce (I used half the sugar, added orange zest, and substituted half the water for fresh orange juice)

Blue Cheese, Pear, and Caramelized Onion Pastries (These were delicious, but if I make them again, I will make them open-faced because the ratio of filling:dough was a bit off)

Apple, Pear, and Cranberry Crumble (I added cranberry sauce instead of dried cranberries)

Caramel Nut Tarte

Pumpkin Cheesecake

(To make the vanilla bean whipped cream, I simply scraped a vanilla bean into heavy whipping cream and whipped until firm- the chocolate pudding pie was simply cooked chocolate pudding in a graham cracker crust)

Overall it was a great night, well worth the week or so of prep 🙂 It’s always fun to get everyone together and see people I don’t see very often. Maybe next year I’ll manage to get in a group pic and at least one pic of every dish (we missed the cobbler, empanadas, and pudding pie, but that’s a great improvement from last year!)

Ok time to get back to packing! Next post will be from the US (and will most likely involve Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods! Oh how I miss those stores).


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