Weekly Reads

Hi Everyone,

I like to read a lot of sites and blogs and thought I’d share some of my most recent finds and will do this from time to time. Enjoy!

With the recent(ish) e. coli outbreak in Northern Germany, there’s been a lot of talk about farming methods and our food industry in general, here are some of the best related articles I stumbled upon:

When Food Kills
Humane Meat is the Solution to What, Again?
Organic Pesticides: Not an Oxymoron

Scared of Soy? Might be worth rethinking:
Finally, The Truth About Soy

A Fun Exercise Motivation Chart

When Running Up Mileage, 10 Percent Isn’t the Cap

Speedy Running Strategies

and just for fun (worth listening to):
A Curious Case of Foreign Accent Syndrome


One thought on “Weekly Reads

  1. Ally, the Nil Zacharias article is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I started reading this book called the World Peace Diet recently, but I feel like there is more vegan propaganda in it than I initially realized. The Zacharias article is rational, reasonable, and best of all, non-judgmental. Thanks for posting it!

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