(nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Munich!

I was in my happy place this weekend and thought I’d share to the best of my ability. Enjoy!

For my future children 😉

Frühlingsfest on the Oktoberfest grounds

inside the beer tent

Eats/Drinks of the weekend:

Enjoying a Weißbier in a Biergarten

we also shared some Kaiserschmarrn

Hendl I split with Katie at the Frühlingsfest

and the Schweinsbraten and Kartoffelknödel from my friends

picnic in the park: Brezn, Obatzda and raspberries

Balla Beni ice cream- if you are in München- you need to go there


2 thoughts on “(nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Munich!

  1. good thing i’m currently eating lunch, because otherwise i would be desperately starving right now. i want to make each and every one of things gluten free and eat them immediately.

  2. I think the Kaiserschmarrn can be converted pretty easily, if I get bored this weekend, maybe i’ll try 🙂 the pretzel, on the other hand, might be a bit more difficult, though I’m sure there must be recipes out there…

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